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An Energy Efficient Alternative to Air Conditioning Systems

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Everything You Need to Know About Heat Pumps

For homeowners in the Chicago suburbs looking for an efficient, powerful alternative to traditional HVAC systems, heat pumps are a great option.

These smart systems work year-round to keep your indoor areas comfortable, keeping your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. TemperaturePro is proud to offer the complete range of installation, repair, and maintenance services for heat pumps.

energy efficient sunroom

What is a Heat Pump?

If you’re unfamiliar, heat pump systems work in a similar manner to air conditioning systems. They both use the refrigeration cycle to provide cool air into your home and they both feature indoor and outdoor units.

Here’s the big difference between them: heat pumps use additional technology to extract heat from inside or outside your home. In summer months, heat pumps pull heat from your home and push the hot air outdoors to keep you cool, and in the winter the system reverses, bringing hot air back into the home to keep you and your family warm.

Energy Efficiency Means Lower Utility Bills

Compared to a typical HVAC system, heat pumps are up to 40% more energy efficient. You can expect big savings on your monthly energy bills when you switch to a heat pump system.

Indoor Heat Pump Units

As we mentioned before, heat pumps have two parts: the indoor and outdoor components. There are a wide variety of indoor options to fit the needs of any indoor space.

Wall Mounts

Wall mounted air conditioning unit

Floor Mounts

indoor wall unit

Ceiling Cassettes

Trane ceiling cassette

One-Way Cassettes

One way cassette

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